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Patty Reed's Doll: The Story of the Donner Party
by Rachel Laurgaard
In the hard winter of 1846, the Donner Party is stranded for months without food in the snowy Sierra Nevada. Many of the pioneers die from their bitter hardships. But others survive, including eight-year-old Patty Reed.

This book is Patty's story, as told by Dolly, the tiny wooden doll she keeps hidden in her dress. Dolly vividly remembers days on the prairies, nights in camp, and the tiresome trek through the dry desert. During the bleak snowbound months, Dolly is Patty's only comfort.

Pieced together from letters, journals, and memoirs, this heartwarming tale shows how a little girl's love for her doll can transcend all danger.

Paper, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 144 pp. ISBN 0-9617357-2-4 $9.95
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"The story of this company of emigrants is one of the best known in American history and this book tells it at the level that young readers can appreciate, laughing in the good times, and sympathizing when the going gets rough and things look hopeless."
News from the Plains, Oregon-California Trail Assn.